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    Project Team

    The Project Team is composed of relevant and active professors and researchers from the universities participating in the project.

    Kirsi-Maria Rinneheimo
    (M.Sc.) is a Senior Lecturer of Mathematics and has over 20 years experience of engineering mathematics' teaching in different engineering disciplines. Ms. Rinneheimo has a long and extensive experience in working on national and international educational projects. She has worked e.g. on EU funded projects MALog, 2009-2012 (KA3 ICT-505326) and FutureMath (2015-2018, Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership) as a project manager. In addition, she is researching engineering students' mathematics learning and teaching and has written and contributed to an extensive range of conferences, scientific papers and publications. She has also developed e.g. digital study materials for mathematics studies, lecture notes, web-based learning materials and videos for teaching.
    Hanna Kinnari-Korpela
    (PhD, technology) is Head of Degree Programme in ICT Engineering Department at TAMK and has over 20 year experience of ICT and engineering mathematics' teaching. Her research focus is on e.g. digital learning, data and learning analytics, self-regulated learning and active learning. She has versatile international experience and strong expertise about the project working on national and international educational projects. She has worked e.g. on international projects such as MALog (KA3 ICT-505326) and FutureMath (KA203-009044) as a project coordinator and as a project manager of national ICT2015-project. Dr. Kinnari-Korpela has developed teaching/learning methods of ICT engineering degree programmes to meet the needs of students in particular. Her PhD concentrated on Utilising Educational Technology and Promoting Active Learning.
    César Benavente-Peces
    César Benavente Peces has been an associate professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid over more than 20 years. Currently he is with the Department of Signal Theory and Communications at the Telecommunications Faculty. He is currently Vice-dean for Research and Doctorate and he is the responsible of the research activity as well as the PhD. and MSc. Programs in Systems and Services Engineering for the Information Society. He is also with the Radio Engineering Research Group with the Industrial Electronic Centre. He has leaded and collaborated in a number of research projects funded by the EU, national government and regional government. Additionally he has leaded and collaborated in contracts with the industry. His research interests include communication systems, location based systems, applications and services integration, new ICT and integration, education innovation. He is author of a number of papers in international journals and conferences proceedings as well as book chapters.
    Daniela Velichová
    Daniela Velichová (doc. RNDr. CSc.) is the member of the SEFI Mathematics Working Group Steering Committee, involved in activities connected to organisation of bi-annual seminars for mathematics educators at the European Technical Universities, co-author of the published book “A Framework for Mathematics Curricula in Engineering Education”. She has participated in many European and national projects related to mathematics in engineering coordinator and leading researcher. As a senior lecturer of mathematics at technical university for 40 years and strongly experienced researcher she has been introducing innovative methods in teaching mathematics, and she has developed many educational tools as printed books and lecture notes, electronic books and numerous other web-based learning materials, RLO (re-usable learning objects), applets and other novel instructional resources supported by ICT.
    Peter Letavaj
    University teacher of mathematics at STU experienced in usage of mathematical software packages for development of new educational materials for various applications in engineering education.
    Dr. Ion Mierlus Mazilu
    Dr. Ion MIERLUS MAZILU is an associate professor of Mathematics and Informatics at the Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest, Romania. He completed his bachelor, master and doctorate degree in Mathematics and Informatics at the Bucharest University. He has participated in several European and national projects and was the coordinator and leading researcher national projects. He is the author of several books and scientific papers.
    Dr. Stefania Constantinescu 
    University teacher of mathematics at UTCB experienced in teaching mathematics at university and high school level, managing to make a connection between the two levels.

    About DigiStem

    The primary context of the DigiSTEM project is STEM education. The main target group of the project is engineering education professionals that teach STEM or other similar subjects. However, the project results can be applied also for other similar subjects.